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7 forgotten items in a Wedding Day Survival Kit

7. Eyelash Glue

Not super shocking, but definitely forgotten. The tears flow and sometimes they flow hard! The makeup artist does not stay with you the whole day and eyelash glue is the first to go (along with mascara), however we all know how ridiculous the make up looks when the eyelash falls off... don't forget this one!

Also withing this section I want to list bobby pins, mascara, deodorant, perfume, TAMPONS, etc. Eyelash glue is typically the forgotten one!

6. Stain Removing Wipes

The pen will work too, but something is definitely needed in the kit! Red wine is a fav at weddings, luxurious and divine for a special evening, but as the night goes on it's not uncommon for a tipsy guest to spill a little on the gown, or the bride herself spill the drink. Either way having the wipes is essential for a quick fix, but you must be QUICK. Apply the wipe ASAP or risk having the stain embedded forever!

Another spillable item, that has graced it's presence to weddings in high demand is...BBQ. BBQ is in the top 5 for common wedding day dinner choices. With this comes the deep colored sauce, that typically makes it's mark on a white dress in the chest and lap region...aka center of attention. Again, having the wipes is can save the day!

5. Fake Wedding Rings

Unless you have a really dedicated officiant, typically bringing the rings to the ceremony is in the hands of the best man, who typically has been drinking all day, and has dinner on his mind vs. where are the rings. Maybe your like me and put this task on your Maid of Honor versus the best man, however when I suggest this in my consultations, the groom reassures me that his best man is different and will uphold the task. That client's best man not only forgot the rings but admitted it during their vows he left them in the hotel...while it was cute for their video, and the bride was very laid back and didn't mind...as a coordinator it made my stomach drop.

If you're worried about hurting someone's feelings, most likely your future husband's on not trusting his childhood best friend...as an alternative to a pre-marriage fight, maybe carry a cheap or fake set and hide it in the maid of honor's bouquet.

4. Cash

This one goes back to the food issue. Let's say you did not plan for your lunch and your in the middle of hair and makeup and your tummy is rumbling. Your ELD coordinator is happy to run wherever you want to grab you a quick meal. This goes for anyone in the bridal party and family members too. I can't tell you the nuy,ber of times I have ran to the nearest McDonald's for parents. However, with fraud on the rise, it's easier for us to pay cash vs. try and remember your debit pin or zip code.

In addition to this (based on personal preference) tipping the vendors can be a nightmare. In the craziness of prepping for the day, getting yourself prepared, you have miss counted your tip money or misplaced and envelope along the way...having the extra cash can save you from a emergency ATM run.

3. Sewing Kit

It happens...the worst of the worst...you're on your way down the aisle and that sound, the worst sound you could hear in this moment, happens...the dress ripping. Having a kit ready with white thread, 1-2 needles (multiple sizes is helpful), frayed thread glue, and SAFETY PINS, are key in the sewing kit. Many stores have a mini kit available for your convenience, this is absolutely great. The only downfall is that the safetly pins SUCK! I highly recommend exchanging those for larger more durable pins. Also, 9 times outta 10 the safety pins are used for bridesmaid on the spot alterations.

2. Tissues

Get really "Oprah" on this one!

Tissues for the bride, and tissues for her best friend, and tissues for her mom, and tissues for the guests, tissues for everyone!

I have attended a few weddings where tissue packs are placed on all the seats, with a cute saying for the couple, like the ones in our photo.


The NUMBER 1 thing a bride and bridal party forget to do is EAT! At ELD we actually write this into our timeline and help our clients plan for breakfast and lunch. Running on empty is an equation for a Hangry bride and salty bridesmaids, which no one wants to deal with. Pack a bag filled with goodies and drinks. Your ELD coordinator will be happy to tote it around for you all day! Mints are a hot item in this bag, be prepared for that BIG kiss!


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