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7 MUST HAVE wedding trends for 2019

Bright colors, interactive cocktail hour and 'outdoor' touches are found in our overview of 2019 wedding trends and we are so excited to share them with you!

7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Finally! We get to see some powerful color in action! Not that the maroons, dark greens, navys, and deep colors aren't absolutely GOR-GEOUS, but it is fun to see some pop in the color scheme!

I always encourage my brides to add an accent color that really brightens up the pallete and let the eye take a break from the, sometimes drab, color.

These citrus inspired wedding color schemes are just what we need to really shake up the industry right now. So HOLLA for the brights and keep an eye on this trend!

**On a side note, dark toned wedding are by no means fading out, but bright colors are just more so coming in style. On the darker end of things VELVET is super big for table napkins.

6. It's a Go Go for the Boho!

We have seen Bohemian touches before, and it is NOT going away anytime soon! This chic and trendy style we like to call Boho has really made a mark on the industry. Whether its the tapestry table cloths, dresses, or ceremony location in over half of the weddings last year had some form of Boho theme.

2019 is bringing some beautiful accents to the receptions. Bringing the outside in! Ratan is a trending and in hot demand as a textile for 2019 weddings! Lots of couple plan to use this in outdoor and indoor seating/ lounge areas during the reception. However, don't overlook it on the the table! Ratan place settings, centerpiece accents, flooring (?!) are on the master plan for the big day.

We love this idea and the almost "picnic basket," "quaint," "grandma's backyard summer furniture" nostalgic feel it gives to the reception. 2019 is going to be BIG in couple personalization and this is a great step in that direction.

5. It's Crystal Clear, Dear

Acrylic is one trend we hope stays around for a while. It has hit the daily scene in signs, desktops, and... fake fingernails, but is finally going to trend for weddings in 2019.

Unique, cool, flashy signage has been on trend for quite a few years now (also not leaving anytime soon), the acrylic signage is a really modern way to an old must have.

For example, the left picture is a dinner menu, the middle picture is a seating chart, and the right picture is a table number, all three are must haves at a wedding, but the acrylic brings that modern twist couple are really diving for.

Acrylic, because it's clear, takes to any color up lighting that you'd want, so your sign can MATCH your other color scheme! Acrylic will take to paint pens so feel free to have a calligraphist (click here and subscribe to see ours!) write your guests a message, or free hand it!

Obviously it's crystal clear that we are loving this trend!

4. A Crazing for the Grazing

O.M.G. why was this not a freaking trend when I got married in 2017?! This was on my list and I got SHUT DOWN! Clearly I prelude wedding trends...

Anyhow, Grazing Tables are hitting the scenes! This could take place of the servers walking around with hors d'oeuvres, that most of the time aren't that good. Couples are trading out the traditional weddings apps for luxury meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, and vegg. But let it be known that there is NO LIMIT to the grazing table...again couples are really trying to be more personal and have their wedding represent them as a couple! So if Swedish meatballs, bruschetta, and quiches are not your style, I'd suggest looking into this.

I'm really IN LOVE with the "lobster boil" graze table on the far right of the photos. Look how vibrant and fun that table looks! It is so inviting and unique! However, if you and your boo hate seafood and your whole guest list knows it, don't do a craze graze table that you won't eat. Make it represent you! Maybe you are like my husband and I, and a pizza joint was where you had your first date...that is a great story and memory to incorporate into grazing cocktail hour fun!

3. Let the Flowers be Tall!

Who says flowers just have to be in the middle of the table? Flowers have definitely made their appearance in other aspects of the wedding, more than just the centerpiece. Now they are really taking to a new height (no pun intended!)

Tall, vertical structures that serve to hold a gorgeous and huge floral arrangement are trending at the ceremony and are slowing encroaching as the top pick for "alter" backgrounds, slightly preferred over the more tradition arch or pergola. In the middle picture you can see a beautiful vintage fall set up. The arrangement colors and the structure screams 1960's vintage to me and I LOVE IT.

The outer two photos show case structures more geared toward a reception set up. The far right photo was a structure found on the head table of a spring wedding (notice the POP of that hot pink in that color scheme that really brightens the whole piece).

The far left photo really shows a unique structure for the reception. We love the "its raining flowers up in this wedding" look, lol. The flowers in the full picture actually have an ombre affect inspired by the wedding color palette.

2. Re-useable Favors!

Your guests shouldn't be doing you a favor by taking the favor...they SHOULD WANT TO take the favor and fight over the last ones!

Favors have become so run of the mill in the wedding scene and I, for one, am SO glad that this is finally getting a re-vamp during the 2019 trends. Re-useable favors are far more popular than trinkets... this is one area the personalization is taking a step back and kinda trending towards other areas of a wedding. Couples and their favor creations are definitely more crafty than what we have seen in past years.

Jars of sand, keychains, and the ever so popular "koozies" are falling out and mini plants, mismatch items with a theme (the coffee mugs photo), dessert as a favor, and my personal favorite "hangover kits" are all trending. I have so many flippin' Koozies y'all, I don't use any of them!

As a coordinator I most definitely am a "fly on the wall" type of girl. I like to see what guests are diggin' and what they could've lived without. The NUMBER ONE thing people complain about regarding favors is your wedding date printed on it. While its super important to you, no one else really cares, sorry... dating favors really out dates them fast for guests and they are less likely to actually use your favor.

This favor trend of "re-use" falls also into an overall more eco-friendly and ethical commitment in weddings! So get the creative juices flowing, feel free to schedule an hourly consultation with Every Last Detail Weddings and any of our coordinators can meet up and help you brainstorm!

1. Real Extra and 'Gram Worthy Pics

By now we should all know what drones are...and if you don't have one somewhere incorporated into your wedding you are missing out! Drones offer some KILLER shots for videos and photography! Simple eye level pictures are just not capturing young couples' fancy like they used too. Over head shots and video footage like in the first picture are a check list item for many couples.

Wedding films have gained a huge momentum in the last few years and in some surveys, the video is more important to the couple than the photos. Wedding footage is no longer just taping the ceremony and catching those vows for an anniversary memoir. Wedding Videographers, good ones, are in high demand, and by 'good ones' we mean some STELLAR editing skills (click here and subscribe to see ours!) Music, the perfect moments, and those extravagant shots are all wanted in couples' wedding film.

In addition to fantastic videos, a rising star, exceeding the 'snapchat filter' fad, are GIFs. Couples are looking for the personalized touch and what is more cool than having your own GIF for your wedding day and forever!

Lastly, photographers have noted that couples are more likely to hire you if you can offer "adventurous" work. During their consultations they are getting questions like "Will you climb a mountain with us to grab a shot at sunset?" "Are you willing to lay down to get a ground level shot?" "Are you prepared for any weather conditions to still take pictures?" "Can you offer unique shots that are special to just us?" "Do you offer more than one location spot during the wedding day for pictures?" A very adaptable, flexible, and willing photographer is very sought after these days. Young couples are willing to pay double for these adventurous photographers (click here and subscribe to see ours!)

So are you ready for the new trends and fads in the industry for 2019? I know Every Last Detail Weddings is and we are so excited for some of these new trends! Innovative and modern weddings are also so fun to be a part of, but don't let this fool you, "kisses" of tradition are still scattered about during the wedding weekend.

Still HOT are:

  • DAY OF COORDINATORS, Brides are super into DIY-ing the planning, but the day of they want to be STRESS FREE! Hire a coordinator

  • White Dresses, the style varies from bride to bride, but white still reigns #1.

  • Chivari Chairs, although accent chairs may appear, if you are in an indoor venue, chivari is most requested, if you don't know what a chivari chair is...you're behind the 8 ball.

  • Chicken and Beef are the top meats you will find at dinner time and couple's save for an open bar.

  • A DJ is still preferred over a live band.

  • Cupcakes still make an appearance in over half our weddings.

  • And...Barn Weddings, look y'all I'm a country girl at heart and ready for this one to MOVE ON, but it just IS NOT, barns are not fading out anytime soon.

What is your favorite HOT trend?! What do you hope to see? What do you hope to see fade out? Be sure to leave it in the comments on our Facebook post sharing this blog post!

-A. Biggs


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