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7 benefits to hiring a Wedding Coordinator

We are worth the money!

So Day Of Coordination, this is perfect for the couple who has all the detailed planning under control, but needs that organized person to execute their work, aka they are busy and need someone to keep sh*t in line.

In full honesty the wedding day can be one of the most stressful days for the couple. Here's why you should hire a coordinator:

1. Saves you time

Did you know that a wedding takes about 200-400 hours to plan? That is roughly 5-10 solid 40 hour work weeks! It's a full time job! Not including the face-to-face vendor meetings, dress shopping, and other planning obligations that cannot be fulfilled behind a computer screen.

With an ELD coordinator, your mind can be eased knowing that we have a long list of recommended vendors which you can find on the homepage of our website, scroll down you'll find it.

2. Who ya Gonna Call?

When couples start a conversation with a vendor, that vendor internalizes the bride or the groom's phone number. They only talk with the couple and never set up a "Plan B" option.

UM HELLO, the couple is not going to be available during the wedding day if something should arise! "Who ya gonna call" and the answer is not ghost busters.

A coordinator is there to serve as a point of contact for vendors and guests. Should something arise and they need help during the wedding day, they will have the coordinators number beforehand. Their parents, the bridal party and the couple SHOULD NOT be bothered on this special day!

3. Saves You Money

Depending on the how far in advance you hire your coordinator, they could save you some money. And I'm not talking about a little chump change, I'm talking hundreds.

You see the wedding industry is interconnected. We make friends and partnerships. Sometimes if you approach a vendor with our ELD recommendation they will give you a discount.

4. Getting from A to B

On numerous occasions I find myself discussing the logistics of the day, and the couple has not put much thought into how they are getting from the hotel to the ceremony, to the reception, to the hotel.

Why? Well it's not the most fun part of planning... The ELD coordinator will take the time to go through each aspect of the timeline and make sure to fill in any holes the couple may have forgotten.

5. Awesome Tips

The coordinator know ths ins and outs of the wedding. They know the DIY hacks and what you should splurge on.

The are especially knowledgeable when it comes to who is a good vendor for a good price who executes good work. It's a shame when we are a part of the wedding and the vendors don't hold up their end of the deal. With our vendors we don't have that issue.

6. Coordinator-Zilla

You don't have to be the bad guy! Tensions on the wedding day run high, trust me! It's hard to keep everyone affiliated in line and even harder when you are the star of the show! We HAVE run into difficult vendors, guests, and bridal party members, but with an ELD coordinator you can sit back and relax!

You won't have to worry if Jessica is going to be rude to Megan because she is the MOH (maid of honor) and Jessica is not. You won't have to worry about the timeline and getting to the ceremony on time. You won't have to worry if Uncle Tom has had a little too much and wants to drive home. Why? Because you coordinator monitors all of those things and all the behind the scenes of your wedding day.

7. Don't Hire Your Family

Lastly We would like to say that recruiting your family to do something you could have hired out, is a no no. Not only have you waited your whole life to get married but our family, especially your Mom, has also waited.

They don't want to be table and chair movers, or bartenders, or food re-stockers, and your Mom doesn't want to stress over the timeline of the day and constantly watch the clock. Yes of course it's the couple's day, but others want to enjoy it too. Hire the coordinator.


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