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8 awesome wedding dress ideas after the wedding!

Not only did you commit forever to your man, but also to your dress!

So congratulations! You're married! You have committed forever to the man of your dreams, but little did you know you have also committed to housing a white dress.

What do you do with it?

Of course you could resell the dress, make some money back, and make the next bride super happy to find a gorgeous gown at discount price. However, if your are a sentimental person like myself, or what my husband likes to call a "hoarder," than getting rid of the dress is not an option.

1. Put the whole dress in a shadow box.

This is an idea that we absolutely love. Displaying the dress in your home is a constant reminder of the symbolic meaning of the dress and one of the happiest days of your life. Not only will it bring a smile to your face when you see it, but it keeps the integrity of the dress in whole form. This re-use has no scissors attack

2.Give your wedding dress a full makeover

These brides did some serious face lifts on their wedding gowns. Some of the dresses aren't even recognizable from the wedding day! We all know the saying to the bridesmaids, "this dress is great you can shorten it and wear it again!" Now the Bride gets to have more use from her gown! Some scissors, dye, and accessories...it's a whole new outfit!

3. Anniversary Lingerie: A present for your Hubby!

Upcycle your dress into some sexy lingere for a fun boudoir photoshoot. Your husband will love this and who doesn't want more lingere that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for! Boudoir shoots are very empowering and have surged in popularity in the last 10 years, here's why. In the NWI region? Here is a local pin-up and boudoir photographer.

4. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize...

We love beautiful accessories on our bride, when choosing jewelry and etc. we always suggest to our brides to pick something that they will wear again in the future. With this option the bride can be extravagant with her wedding day accessories and never wear them again! This idea to repurpose the dress into a headband, earrings, or even a necklace, allows you to be sentimental and keep bits of the dress in a more useful way. It's also a really cool story to share when people ask, "Where did you get that necklace?!"

5. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the dress in a baby carriage...

Yes! You heard it here first! What a useful way to upcycle the dress! You can never have too many baby blankets in the first few months; all the spit up, the poop, the drool... Maybe this blanket is just for special occasions... haha!

6. Christening Outfit

On the same wave link as number 5 (we have baby fever!) Baby's christening outfit made from Mommy's wedding dress! Not only this this like the smartest thing ever, but is is super easy! Don't be disheartened if you already bought an outfit before seeing this miraculous idea, there are still bibs, bonnets, and shoes needed! Even just taking a few pieces from your dress and adding them to baby's outfit will make the day that much more special!

7. Donate Your Wedding Dress

There are numerous ways to donate your dress to brides in need, here are is a great list. This is a completely selfless act and somewhere a bride is going to benefit from your decision. One of our favorites is the The Angel Gown, click here to watch a video about the program.

8. Photo Shoot

Showcasing your wedding dress with your child, dog, family, etc. is a great way to honor the dress. Maybe during your actual wedding day you couldn't get a picture with your furball? Scheduling a shoot allows for more time to snap those pictures and not get in the way of the wedding day timeline. Also scheduling a shoot as you have children. The dress symbolizes the beginning of a new family, without this dress, everything after wouldn't have never happened.


Anna Biggs, Owner of Every Last Detail Weddings. Her first job, however, is being a mommy and wife. She is a dog lover, a coffee fanatic, and loves to write. You won't find her in big city lights, but more likely soaking in the sun on the family farm. She is new to the wedding industry, but has taken it head on.

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